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We specialize engaging in Earth formed crystal products that have numerous healing properties

"Time to unlock our InnerG"

What makes us different

MyCrystalCloset proposes the presence of healing crystal Waistbeads, bracelets,tumbled stones, home decor and more. Healing crystals can be chosen for family, friends or personal fulfillment. Here at MyCrystalCloset we target ones spirit-healing❗️Not gender-healing...Sent with abundance from door to door.

Refunds and Returns

Our Store does NOT Proceed with ANY Returns and Refunds ..”Cancellation”is coutnted as a refund!..NO REFUNDS,NO RETURNS..


•Hormonal Balance
•Healing of bones and tissue
•Mineral Neutralizer
•Fertility Booster
•Creative energy Center
•Protection Stone
•Aura Cleansing
• Passion stone


Ability to cleanse ANY environment
•Removes and Blocks negative energy
•Aids in Spinal Cord Alignment
•Very HIGH Frequency!
•insomnia aid
•instills inner-Peace
•Space protection
•Self clean
•Self charging
•Ability to Charge all Crystals
•Clears Confusion
~SYMBOLIZES~Spirit Realms and Feminine energy

Selenite Tower

Lapis Lazuli

Known as “Wisdom Stone”
•Self esteem
•Mood stabilizer
•promotes higher intellect
•resembles Royalty
•Protection stone
~Connected to the “Throat chakra and 3rd eye

Lapis Lazuli

Briefly Waistbead History

Luxury Waistbeads

hi my love ! i just got it! thank you so much! ITS STUNNINGGGGGGG!!!!


Yes!!! I love it so much! I’ve been wearing it everyday since I got it and it’s so durable. I really love this product! <3


Yes , I'm absolutely in love with my jewelry !! Will recommend your shop to others and buy again . Also tracking info came as soon as you said you’d resend !